Our Advantage

The SteriSpace products, which range in size from units treating airflows of hundreds to thousands of cubic feet per minute (CFM), can protect against both biological and chemical airborne hazards. Our prototypes have been independently tested against hardy bacterial spores, vegetative bacteria and viruses, and shown to destroy >99.9999%, or six-logs, of the biological contaminant. With a Diesel Oxidative Catalyst (DOC) added to the blower or fan, SteriSpace has been shown to remove atmospheric pollutants, VOCs and organic particles.
SteriSpace is safe for the environment and does not generate waste: unlike other competing technologies specializing in air disinfection, the SteriSpace system does not require noxious, corrosive, or hazardous chemicals to kill the biological contaminants. It also prevents the inhalation of allergens, airborne viruses (SARS, NORO-Virus), airborne bacteria, and fungi.

Areas of application