SteriSpace™ for Agriculture

SteriSpace™ can protect people and animals from contamination from the outside or inside. Contaminated air within a building can be purified, and then recirculated back into the building, or released from the building. To conserve heat during cold seasons, recirculating the treated air is advised. Conversely, contaminated outside air can be purified as it enters the building.

Livestock & Environment Protection

As an example, the poultry industry in the U.S. annually raises more than 10 billion animals providing a farm value greater than $20 billion. Poultry operations cause environmental problems annually, releasing more than four billion pounds of ammonia, a greenhouse gas. Odors and other airborne contaminants often affect the air quality in the communities surrounding poultry operations causing environmental and public relations problems, and ammonia volatilization from animal and other agricultural operations. Use of the SteriSpace™ system will profoundly reduce the release of these contaminants, improving both the effect on the environment, and relations with the community surrounding the farm.

Specific Uses

Dairy farms 

Poultry farms 

Pig farms

Meat and poultry processing plants to remove nano-particle waste exposure.

Manure treatment plants for removal of ammonia

Grow houses and processing rooms for medical marijuana to mitigate contaminants and odors