SteriSpace™ for Emergency Shelters

SteriSpace™ is an important component to the design and building of emergency shelters. When attempting to stop the spread of a highly contagious infection, air sterilization is a key healthcare tool. When people require temporary shelter after a natural disaster, a clean, well-built emergency shelter could be the difference between life and death. Sterile air is as important as soap and water to prevent the rapid transmission of disease.

Portable shelter protection

In U.S. Department of Defense programs, we have developed prototypes for protection of personnel in portable shelters and buildings. These prototypes range in size from providing airflows of 300 CFM for shelters, to 5,000 CFM for larger building applications. Independent biological testing against a variety of threats, including against hardy spores (Bg), vegetative bacteria (E. coli) and a virus (MS2), demonstrated kill effectiveness levels greater than 99.9999%. Different from and more effective than a HEPA filter, SteriSpace™ destroys viruses, spores, and prions, and removes exhaust fumes and VOCs from the airflow.

Specific Uses

Temporary emergency response shelters

Disaster Relief Shelters

Forward-based medical facilities

Temporary emergency command and control centers

Emergency shelters for isolation of infectious disease patients