Sterispace™ for Healthcare

Healthcare facilities have a wide range of critical areas where the quality of air can be the difference between life and death. The SteriSpace system is the most efficient way to sterilize the air, by removing most biological contaminants at greater than 99.9999% kill effectiveness. There is no other system with this level of efficacy against biological and chemical contaminants. SteriSpace™ can provide next-level protection in a variety of medical settings.


SteriSpace™ system can be used for preventing the outside environment from contamination from a highly contagious disease from an infected patient inside the room. Examples of this case are: quarantine rooms or emergency shelters. Persons with infectious diseases such as TB, SARS or MRSA can be isolated from the outside environment. SteriSpace™ can maintain a negative pressure in the room so that the airflow is always into the room. The SteriSpace™ unit can be located outside the room and the air removed will be sterilized and released to the outside. This use meets the CDC guidelines for this application.


SteriSpace™ can protect a patient within a room from outside hazards. These protections are especially critical for patients in surgery, immune-compromised patients, or those with respiratory diseases. In this case, the patient within a hospital room needs to be protected against biological infection or environmental pollution. SteriSpace™ can maintain a positive pressure in the room so that the airflow is always out of the room. The inlet air can be processed through the SteriSpace™ system to destroy harmful spores, bacteria, viruses, and remove environmental In this case, SteriSpace™ can be integrated into the air handling system supplying the room.

Specific Uses

Neonatal intensive care units

Hospital isolation rooms for infectious disease patients

Hospital rooms for protection of immunocompromised patients

Operating rooms

Surgical units

Emergency rooms

Waiting rooms