SteriSpace™ for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In pharmaceutical production, air quality is a crucial factor in determining product quality and compliance with good manufacturing practice. The SteriSpace™ system can remove VOCs from a work area where solvents are used as part of the manufacturing process, as well as any particulate or biological matter from the airflow.

Worker and Product protection

Removal of contaminants and VOCs is critical to minimizing waste in the production of pharmaceutical-grade products. SteriSpace™ can remove fumes from chemicals such as acetone, toluene or hexane. Reduction in the concentration of these airborne fumes may be needed to maintain compliance with air quality requirements found in OSHA regulations. Pure air makes a difference in the quality of your product and the quality of your workspace.

Specific Uses

Manufacture site of sterile and non-sterile medicinal products


Air quality protection for testing laboratories and storage

Academic research and educational laboratories

Air quality protection for manufacture- or laboratory-adjacent work spaces

Maintenance of air pressure differences between designated areas.