SteriSpace™ for Transportation

The quality of the air we breathe during daily travel plays a huge role in our short- and long-term wellbeing and quality of life. In public transportation, the air in the common space shared by commuters causes disease transmission and pollution exposure.

B-SAFER™ System

The SteriSpace™ technology is currently used in our B-SAFER System, designed specifically for use on school busses. Numerous studies indicate the concentration of fine particulate matter, black carbon particles, and other gaseous pollutants increases in the cabin air as a bus moves along its commute. CO­2 build-up occurs on crowded and idling buses due to limited ventilation. And of course, viruses and bacteria are exhaled, sneezed, and coughed into the air constantly by children and bus drivers.

 The B-SAFER System uses a supercharger powered by the bus engine to move and provide clean air inside school bus cabins, free from biological and chemical contaminants.

Other Areas


Aircraft cabins are notorious for the spread of cold or flu viruses. The SteriSpace™ technology can be designed to integrate into the air handling systems of aircraft. The increased air quality onboard will have a positive effect on the health of both passengers and crew.


Train cars are notoriously challenging to ventilate with pure air, particularly in subway settings. Recirculating the internal air through a SteriSpace™ unit will substantially improve air quality, reduce the spread of airborne viruses (especially during flu season) and can also reduce the number VOCs and organic particles from diesel exhaust in train cars.

Naval Transport

SteriSpace™ technology can be scaled and configured to provide clean air for large naval vessels and other maritime transport vehicles. Hospital ships can take advantage of the isolation and prevention properties by manipulating the airflow for quarantine units as well as operating rooms. The SteriSpace™ system offers a new clean air standard for life on cruise ships, navy ships, and commercial shipping vessels.