Industrial and manufacturing processes can create high levels of gaseous and particulate waste. As a result, air quality is a frequent concern of management, unions, workers, and ownership. Many manufacturing processes involve the use of gasses and/or solvents that release harmful fumes into the air, placing workers at risk for respiratory problems. Using the SteriSpace technology in these manufacturing areas could help mitigate this risk, while providing a way to safely remediate the contaminated air. Moreover, the heat energy produced by the unit can be redirected to the interior space to defray heating costs in the cold winter months or be used for heat-requiring processes.
  • Paint application areas
  • Petrochemical manufacturing/use
  • Chemical treatment
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Product packaging centers
  • Construction materials manufacturing
  • Food additive manufacturing
  • Plastics manufacturing
  • Post-etching or sand-blasting air treatment