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Temporary shelters are required after a natural disaster, to control the spread of infection from infectious disease carriers, and much more. When attempting to stop the spread of a highly contagious infection, air disinfection is a key. Clean air is as important as soap and water to prevent the rapid transmission of disease. A clean, well-built shelter is paramount, and incorporating the SteriSpace™ technology is an important component while designing these emergency shelters.


In U.S. Department of Defense programs, we have developed prototypes for protection of personnel in portable shelters and buildings. The patented air disinfection system eliminates biological and chemical contaminants from shelters of various sizes and provides valuable protection against disease. Different from and more effective than a HEPA filter alone, the SteriSpace technology has been shown to significantly reduce viruses, spores, and bacteria, biological allergens, exhaust fumes, nitric dioxide, and VOCs from the airflow. This is crucial when quick deployment of emergency shelters is necessary for medical or relief applications during natural calamities and disease outbreaks.


  • Temporary emergency response shelters
  • Disaster relief shelters
  • Forward-based medical facilities
  • Temporary emergency command and control centers
  • Emergency shelters for isolation of infectious disease patients