As the Biden-Harris Administration acknowledges the importance of improving indoor air quality with the Clean Air in Buildings initiative, SteriSpace experts Danny Forcucci and Sara Juliano continue to shed light on how SteriSpace can contribute to this effort.

SteriSpace and Eureka! Set to Reveal Shelter System with Air Sterilization Technology at CBRNe Convergence Canada

CBRNe Convergence Canada 2022 Unveiling

Eureka! and SteriSpace® will be co-exhibitors at the annual event for military and civilians, scientists, and first responders, to introduce a turnkey shelter system that combines the fastest tent set-up and strike cycles in the industry with the only air sterilization technology on the market. The turnkey solution delivers next-level air sterilization to any rapid deployment environment.

Why HEPA Can’t Protect Your Military-Grade Shelter

HEPA Filtration in Military Shelters

Now that SteriSpace is readily available, manufacturers should prepare for air sterilization technology to be included in future customer requirements. This makes now the perfect time to conceptualize the integration of this technology into your shelters.

Air Sterilization for Infusion Centers

Infusion Centers

SteriSpace Air Sterilization is the new gold standard in air quality control, especially in infusion isolation situations. To learn more on SteriSpace go to

How SteriSpace Prevents Bioterrorism

Bioterrorism Blog Header

SteriSpace can even eliminate environmental pollutants, VOCs, and select industrial chemicals. When human lives are at stake, above all else, shelters need to have an answer for providing protection in the face of chemical or biological attacks. Because bio-threats can often be invisible, it is critical that shelters can sterilize the air in the event of a containment breach.

Fermentation Facilities Possible Pandemic Action Plan

Fermentation Facilities

Fermentation Facilities Possible Pandemic Action Plan Bacterial contamination is a common problem that fermentation facilities face. These facilities can include breweries, wineries, pharmaceutical companies, and dairy plants, and they all know that the effects of contamination are very real and very costly. Bacterial contamination, or microbial contamination, is the “non-intended or accidental introduction of microbes […]

How SteriSpace Can Help Control The Spread of SARS/COV2

SteriSpace Can Protect Against SARS/COV2

Our technology is much more effective than air filters as it actually kills airborne pathogens through a patented process of high-heat compression. SteriSpace™ can be utilized in hospitals, waiting rooms, isolation rooms, NICUs, public transportation, and any enclosed facility where airborne viruses are a concern.