Let our SteriSpace all-in-one system be the critical piece of your airborne bio-threat control strategy.

Interested in partnering with our SteriSpace Bio-Defense system?

Sterispace BioDefense Turnkey Solutions

Providing All-in-One Air Sterilization Technology for Military Shelters

Our air sterilization experts work closely with partners to implement our cutting-edge air sterilization turnkey solutions into a wide variety of indoor applications.

SteriSpace allows for rapid setup and mobility in expeditionary environments while offering flexibility, customizability, and energy efficiency as an all-encompassing solution.

Bio-chemical Defense with SteriSpace

Eliminating Airborne Biological Threats to Protect those who Protect Us

The need for biosafety and biosecurity from agents of biological warfare is critical. SteriSpace has undergone comprehensive testing with the U.S. DOD to ensure invisible threats are effectively eradicated.

SteriSpace is the turnkey approach to eliminating airborne biological threats from the air using a compressive heating system of continuous airflows to destroy airborne contaminants like bacterial spores, viruses, and vegetative bacteria disseminated in the air.

SteriSpace is the only technology...

capable of achieving air sterilization & eliminating airborne pathogens

Technical Specifications

SteriSpace Product Data

Equipment Size (inches):

45 ¼ L x 33 ¾ W x 34 ½ H


500 lbs. (145.2 kg)

Air Flow Rate

250 to 5000 CFM

Internal Sterilization Temperature

464 F° (240°C)

Sterile Air Discharge Temperature

100 F°± 5°F (34°C)

Electrical Utilities

208/230 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, Steady state of 12-13 Amps


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