Air Sterilization in Shelters with SteriSpace®
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SteriSpace Air Sterilization Systems

SteriSpace Air Sterilization technology was developed through a series of programs funded by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), designed to mitigate probable bio-terrorism threats in government buildings. In these tests, SteriSpace consistently achieved a kill rate of >99.9999% (6-log reduction) against diverse biological challenges, including bacterial spores, viruses, and even an anthrax simulant. By definition, anything falling below this level is not sterilization.

SteriSpace Easily Integrates with Shelters of all Types

The unit is ruggedly constructed military-grade technology: tested to remain fully operational in 0°F to 125°F, heavy rain, high wind or dusty conditions. This means, when situations require quick deployment of emergency shelters, SteriSpace goes where you go, ready to work.”

Enhance Your Shelter with SteriSpace

SteriSpace can integrate to sterilize the air inside ICU annexes, designed to accommodate a surge of individuals seeking medical attention or needing to be separated for the general hospital population.

Without the ability to sterilize the air, individuals housed close together in emergency shelters are at increased risk of spreading airborne viruses that includes COVID-19.

SteriSpace can be integrated directly into military shelters to eradicate agents of biological warfare while also protecting military and government personnel from many viral airborne pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2, influenza, measles, chickenpox, cryptococcus, and tuberculosis.

SteriSpace can sterilize the air within isolation pods and tents currently being used by restaurants, retailers, and public events.