Air Sterilization Technology

SteriSpace™ system sets a new standard in indoor air quality. It is the most effective, innovative, and unique air sterilization technology available on the market today.


SteriSpace™ eliminates more than 99.9999% of biological contaminants. More effective than traditional air purification systems centered around HEPA, SteriSpace™ destroys biological pathogens such as bacterial spores, allergens, airborne viruses (SARS, NORO-Virus, influenza, etc.) and airborne bacteria (Tuberculosis, pneumonia, anthrax, etc.)

Removes chemical contaminants

SteriSpace™ removes atmospheric and environmental pollutants including: allergens, exhaust fumes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and organic particulates. It can also remove industrial chemicals such as ammonia, acetone, toluene, etc.

Environmentally Safe

No hazardous waste generation unlike other competing air disinfection or purification technologies. SteriSpace™ does not require noxious, corrosive, or hazardous chemicals to kill biological contaminants. Nor does it require the disposal of filters laden with biohazards.

Optional Catalyst

Addition of an optional catalyst to the system can eliminate select chemical agents, environmental pollutants, and inorganic particles from the airflow.  Testing to date has focused on specific chemicals of interest, e.g. ammonia, toluene, and organic particulates.

Even Treatment

Compressive heating of the air flow treats air uniformly, so there is no untreated air or leaks.

Additional Filtration

A particle filter is included near the air outlet to capture any inorganic particulates that may remain after sterilization through the SteriSpace™ compressive heating process.

No Exposure to Biohazards

Because SteriSpace™ destroys biological pathogens, there is no worker exposure to biohazards in the filter, unlike traditional air purifications systems.


The SteriSpace™ system uses both thermal and acoustic insulation in the finished panels enclosing the unit, thereby reducing heat loss and mitigating the noise level.

Positive & Negative Pressure

SteriSpace™ can be configured to maintain negative or positive pressure


Size can be customized from units treating airflows of hundreds to thousands of cubic feet per minute.

Unmatched performance

Extensive testing by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has demonstrated a complete kill (>99.9999%) of all biological contaminants at 240°C within the SteriSpace™ system. Less hardy viruses and contaminants, (e.g., bird flu virus, e. coli., etc.), are killed at much lower temperatures and lower operating costs than hardy bacterial spores, making the SteriSpace™ system extremely efficient.

The addition of an optional catalyst to the SteriSpace™ system can eliminate select chemical agents, environmental pollutants, and inorganic particles from the airflow.

How does SteriSpace compare to other technologies?

SteriSpace stands next to none in its ability to sterilize the air by killing almost all biological pathogens and eliminating gaseous chemicals and organic particulate matter. Traditional HEPA filter-based air purification systems struggle to offer the consistency (which varies based on the number of particulates on the filter) and freedom from human error (when installing the filter).

HEPA cannot remove chemical solvents or their fumes and is limited to removing particulates to the 99.97% level. It is ineffective against some viruses for two important reasons: small viruses can penetrate HEPA and even very low levels of virus contamination are capable of causing illness, especially in more vulnerable populations (young children, the elderly, and immunocompromised patients). HEPA add-ons such as UV lights are frequently added as another layer of protection, however this brings another level of complexity and cost to HEPA systems without matching SteriSpace’s efficacy in killing biological pathogens.

Traditional HEPA filter-based air purification systems capture and concentrate particles on the HEPA filter, with spent filters being disposed as hazardous waste. Additionally, a HEPA filter system is subject to leaks and requires increasing amounts of energy as the filters fill with age. These problems are all avoided with SteriSpace. SteriSpace kills biological pathogens and eliminates the risk of potential biohazard exposure during filter replacement.