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Vaxxed and Still Masked?

New CDC Guidance for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Individuals

August 20, 2021
Contact: Danny Forcucci
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In the early days of August, the CDC issued new guidance that everyone should be masking indoors and in crowded public areas, regardless of vaccination status. This is in light of an abundance of new information on the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus. This new guidance is especially true for unvaccinated people, people with autoimmune diseases, and the elderly to name a few high-risk groups. 

The reason for this new guidance isn’t because vaccines are less effective, it’s that the virus has mutated with this new variant that is spreading quickly. In a Washington Post article, Lisa Maragakis, Senior Director for Infection Prevention at John Hopkins Medicine, states that “fully vaccinated individuals have a 95% less chance of becoming infected with the alpha COVID-19. This does not, however, count for the breakthrough infections with the delta variant.” 

You’re now stuck asking yourself, “What’s a breakthrough infection?” It’s when a fully vaccinated person can be infected with the virus. This scenario can happen in a number of ways: waning immunity, relaxed public health policies, and variants. Most of the breakthrough infections that we are seeing in fully vaccinated patients are because of the delta variant of COVID-19. 

We understand that everyone is doing everything that they can to protect themselves against this virus. There are masks, social distancing, washing our hands, not going into crowded areas or events, even going as far as wiping down groceries before putting them away. These are all adequate solutions; however, this is an airborne virus. Have you ever thought about starting at the source? Sterilizing the air around you to ensure a safe environment?

SteriSpace Air Sterilization Technology takes air purification a few steps beyond HEPA filtration and UVC disinfection to sterilize the air around you. With our patented compressive heating technology SteriSpace heats the air to 464°F to destroy pathogens including bacteria, viruses, and even bacterial spores that other methods can miss. Want to find out more on how you can sterilize the air around you? Contact us and one of our Air Sterilization Specialists will be in touch! 

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Military Shelters

Temporary Military Shelters are used in the field as a hospital or as an isolation room in a refugee area, to name a few examples. SteriSpace's patented technology uses a heated compressed air system to sterilize the air around you. SteriSpace can be installed directly onto a military shelter to create a negative-pressure, isolation environment.