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 how sterispace can help CONTROL the spread of SARS/COV2

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Advanced Air STERILIZATION Technology

The SteriSpace™ technology sets a new standard for air quality. Developed to improve air quality and quality of life, it can provide next-level air protection for a wide range of applications. Learn More.


Application Areas


The SteriSpace™ technology can be used to protect patients in hospital, home or room environments from airborne viruses, bacteria, and allergens. Additionally, the SteriSpace™ technology can also eliminate a variety of chemical contaminants, providing a safer environment for patients and staff.


The SteriSpace™ technology can protect passengers, drivers, pilots, and crew from airborne viruses, bacteria, exhaust gases and many more for various modes of transportation. “Getting there” shouldn’t make you sick. The SteriSpace™ technology can help.


The SteriSpace™ technology was extensively tested by the U.S. Department of Defense to provide protection from biological warfare agents for the military, homeland security personnel, remote health centers, and their support teams. Moreover, with an integrated catalyst, the SteriSpace™ technology can eliminate environmental pollutants, VOCs and select industrial chemicals. It can provide a range of air flows for mobile or fixed-sites. Our armed forces deserve to be as safe as possible as they carry out their missions.


When areas in a building are used differently than their original purpose, the ventilation and contaminant control system may require modification to accommodate these changes. Let us help you keep your work environment safe for your workers and your product quality. Our technology can eliminate VOCs and select airborne chemicals from process streams.


The SteriSpace™ technology can protect valuable agricultural products and livestock from airborne viruses, bacteria, ammonia and organic particles. It can also eliminate select chemicals and odors emitted from manure treatment facilities. In just one system, the technology can eliminates biological and select chemical contaminants in food processing facilities as well. Livestock, crops, and manure processing can be safer than ever before.

Emergency Shelters

When trying to stop the spread of a highly contagious infection, in the case of a natural disaster, a clean, safely-ventilated emergency shelter can make a significant difference. The SteriSpace™ technology can be applied to isolation units, temporary housing, emergency shelters, and more. Disasters are often compounded by spontaneous outbreaks of disease. Integrating the SteriSpace technology can provide clean, safe air, and peace of mind.


In pharmaceutical production, laboratories, and clean rooms, air quality is a crucial factor in determining product quality and compliance with good manufacturing practice. The SteriSpace™ technology can remove VOCs and other chemicals from the air flow, protecting both product and staff from potential irritants and contaminants.