Advanced Air Sterilization System

Developed to improve air quality and quality of life, SteriSpace™ is the most effective way to sterilize the air we breathe by eliminating biological contaminants at greater than 99.9999% effectiveness. SteriSpace provides next-level air protection for a wide range of applications. Combined with its high level of efficacy against biological as well as chemical contaminants, SteriSpace™ sets a new standard for air quality.

Why Sterispace?

The quality of indoor air is crucial for safety, productivity, and health of employees, patients, travelers… or anyone in an enclosed space. SteriSpace™ is an innovative air sterilization technology that destroys biological and removes chemical contaminants from the air.

Greater than 99.9999% elimination of biological contaminants

Removes chemical contaminants such as diesel and gasoline exhaust fumes, as well as VOCs

Can be easily configured to maintain negative or positive pressure

Find the right sterilizer for you

SteriSpace has a wide range of applications in transportation, healthcare, defense, emergency shelter applications, industry and manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, agriculture and more.