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Air Sterilization For
Transportation with SteriSpace

SteriSpace Makes Traveling Safer. Sit Back & Enjoy the Ride

Air Sterilization for Transportation with SteriSpace

Get to Your Destination with Air Sterilization Technology

When traveling, the quality of the air we breathe plays a large role in both our short and long-term well-being. Recirculating internal air through a SteriSpace substantially improves cabin air quality and reduces the spread of airborne infections.

SteriSpace technology protects passengers and drivers from airborne biological threats like viruses and bacteria for all modes of transportation.


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Air Sterilization in public transportation

See the SteriSpace Difference with Patented Air Sterilization Technology

SteriSpace scalable technology provides next-level air sterilization in a variety of transportation Settings

SteriSpace makes it so you can get from point A to point B while never having to worry about being exposed to harmful bioaerosols. Safe and effective, SteriSpace continuously recirculates clean and sterilized air.

Transportation Applications for SteriSpace

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SteriSpace for Buses

School, Metro, Charter & Coach Buses all Deserve Sterilized Air

Studies show that concentrations of fine particulate matter, black carbon particles, and other exhaust pollutants can increase in passenger cabins over the course of a commute. In particular, the buildup of carbon dioxide (CO2) in crowded and idling buses is also a constant concern due to limited ventilation.

In addition to buses being heavily susceptible to taking in various outside traffic-related pollutants (TRP’s), while inside, passengers and drivers risk exposing each other to airborne viruses and bacteria.


SteriSpace for Trains & Subways

Travel to Work in Cleaner Air with SteriSpace

Train cars are difficult to ventilate with pure air, particularly in subway settings. Recirculating the internal air with the SteriSpace technology will substantially improve air quality, reduce the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria, and can also reduce select Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and diesel exhaust. Studies have illustrated that train cars can contain more than 15 times the normal level of exhaust pollutants, especially when the diesel locomotive pulls the coaches. Moreover, risk of infection or disease transmission is high on subway and rail coaches where people are within close proximity, especially during flu season.

SteriSpace for Cruise Ships

Vacation with Peace of Mind with SteriSpace

Commercial ships are especially prone to disease outbreaks. SteriSpace isolation and infection prevention capabilities allow for hospital ships, cruise ships, and other vessels to contain airborne biological contaminants from healthy passengers. Fully scalable and configurable, SteriSpace can provide clean and sterilized air in a multitude of maritime settings.

SteriSpace for Military Transportation

SteriSpace Protects Those Who Protect Us

Military vehicles play a significant role as a primary method of transportation for military personnel all over the world. From simply transporting personnel to being used as military ambulances, it is critical these environments are free of airborne pathogens and pollutants that could pose a threat to passengers. Currently, military vehicles rely on industry-standard air filtration to protect their personnel. This poses several notable issues including the air filter’s ineffectiveness against many microscopic airborne biological threats and the difficulty of safely disposing of contaminated air filters while out in the field.

SteriSpace is a superior alternative to air filters for military vehicles. In addition to being more effective against airborne contaminants, the technology has the capability to be directly integrated and powered by the vehicle itself.

SteriSpace for Aircraft

Air Travel is Hard Enough, Take a Breather with SteriSpace

Aircraft cabins are notorious for the spread of cold or flu viruses. SteriSpace compressive heating technology can be designed to integrate with the air handling systems of aircraft. The improved air quality on-board will have a positive impact on the health of both passengers and crew, while also helping mitigate the risk of infection spread during long flights.
Air Plane Travel Air Treatment - SteriSpace Air Sterilization on a plane

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