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Air Sterilization For Temporary Shelters with SteriSpace

Enhance the Safety of Your Shelter System with State-Of-The-Art Air Sterilization Technology

Enhancing Shelters with SteriSpace Technology

SteriSpace Can Withstand Even the Most Extreme Conditions

The shelter industry has seen a significant increase in demand since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to their convenience and versatility, a variety of industries including the armed forces, healthcare, and even educational institutions are investing in temporary shelter structures.

With uses spanning from mobile COVID-19 testing sites and temporary ICU annexes, to military basecamps and transport – shelters can accommodate an abounding amount of people. But what does this mean for the air quality within these enclosed structures?

Shelters will typically employ a form of air filtration system to keep airborne contaminants at bay. These methods, however, are not without drawbacks. Traditional air filtration merely traps contaminants, as opposed to completely inactivating airborne pathogens with SteriSpace.

Rapid Deployment of Shelter Systems - Enhancing Shelters with SteriSpace

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Military Airborne Biodefense

See the SteriSpace Difference with Patented Air Sterilization Technology

Enhance Your Shelter’s Ability to Reduce Airborne Contaminants with SteriSpace

SteriSpace military-grade technology ensures complete protection against harmful airborne pathogens residing in enclosed spaces like temporary shelter systems. SteriSpace is low maintenance, cost-effective, and energy-efficient. Armed with a programmable controller and continuous performance monitoring, SteriSpace consistently runs at peak performance for the best air purification experience possible.

Shelter Applications for Sterispace

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Military Shelter Systems

SteriSpace Generates the Biosafety & Security Required by the Military

When human lives are at stake, above all else, shelters need to have an answer for providing protection in the face of chemical or biological attacks. Since these threats are often invisible, it is critical shelters be able to sterilize the air in the event of a biological threat.

This is where SteriSpace helps fight the threats you can’t see.

SteriSpace is tested to remain fully operational in 0°F to 125°F, heavy rain, high wind, or dusty conditions. Our system is ruggedly constructed to protect from vibration, and equipped with forklift pockets to aid transportation across long distances and rough terrain.

SteriSpace is quick and easy to set up with shelters of all types. In situations that require quick deployment of emergency shelters, SteriSpace goes where you go, ready to work.

SteriSpace Shelter integration for Military Applications
SteriSpace and Military Shelters

Rapid Response Shelters

Create a Safe Environment Quickly with SteriSpace

SteriSpace can integrate directly into military shelters to eradicate agents of biological warfare while also protecting military and government personnel from airborne pathogens such as tuberculosis spores, influenza, measles, chickenpox, Cryptococcus, and SARS-CoV-2.

Healthcare Shelters

Have the Sterile Healthcare Conditions You Require

Healthcare facilities have strict standards for indoor air quality (IAQ) especially when it comes to ICU annexes. Considering the steady rise of air pollution as well as the unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic, increased contaminants are penetrating the air, posing serious threats to patients, visitors, and healthcare workers alike. Air pollutants like particulate matter (PM), ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide can all have adverse effects on one’s health. Particles can permeate the lung causing respiratory disease, while other airborne contaminants can enter the bloodstream and wreak havoc on other organs.

Protecting the airflow in ICU annexes with SteriSpace and isolating susceptible patients can significantly contribute to the chances of recovery.

Shelter Systems in Healthcare - Drive thru Covid testing sites
Commercial Shelter Structure used for restaurants

Commercial Temporary Structures

Back to Business with Air Sterilization

Restaurants, retailers, and public events have turned to shelters amid the rampant spread of infection to keep their businesses going and to allow patrons the ability to still enjoy a few luxuries from pre-pandemic life. While shelters can offer a safer alternative, they still present public safety and air quality challenges.

Shelters can provide a false sense of security of being “outdoors” with adequate ventilation. Most shelters provide limited space to safely spread occupants, thus increasing the risk of disease transmission. With SteriSpace, shelters can incorporate robust air purification strategies within their enclosed structures to protect its occupants.

Mobile Classrooms

Get Students Learning In-Person Again with Air Sterilization Technology

Mobile classrooms have recently been re-introduced to school districts to allow for adequate social distancing during the ongoing pandemic. In the past, these structures were assembled on educational campuses for alternative reasons. During a school renovation, these mobile classrooms are there for students and staff to create a sense of normalcy from the disruptions in their everyday life.

Mobile Classrooms come equipped with an HVAC system that is suitable for a SteriSpace integration. These classrooms are built to look like a normal classroom, vinyl tile or carpeted flooring, windows, all the way down to the fluorescent lighting and bathrooms too. Add the benefit and security of SteriSpace Air Sterilization Technology and customize your mobile classroom today!

Mobile Classroom - Edu Temporary Structure System

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