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An HVAC engineer is installing a heat recovery ventilation system on an air conditioning unit.

What is the Correct Ventilation Rate in Buildings?

Proper ventilation in buildings is vital to maintaining good air quality. Click here to find out about the correct ventilation rate in buildings.

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COVID in Nursing Homes The Ultimate Guide

COVID in Nursing Homes: The Ultimate Guide

There are several things you need to understand about COVID in nursing homes. Keep reading to learn more about keeping the indoor air clean.

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Solutions: Air Purification vs Air Sterilization

Several indoor air solutions exist for commercial properties, but not all are equal. Read about air purification vs air sterilization here.

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What Is Biological Contamination

What Is Biological Contamination?

What is biological contamination and how does it impact indoor air quality? Learn how to protect your indoor air quality here.

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UV light for HVAC

UV light for HVAC: Why Air Sterilization Is the Better Option

Air sterilization is a better option than UV light for HVAC systems. Discover why air sterilization is the best way to improve your indoor air quality.

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A Guide to Understanding the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge

Guide to Understanding the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge

A building’s indoor air quality and cleanliness matter. Click here for a guide to understanding the purpose of the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge.

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