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Industrial manufacturing processes disperse noxious gases and harmful bioaerosols into the air adversely affecting the air workers and operators breathe daily. Numerous industries including commercial businesses, agricultural greenhouses, pharmaceutical plants, manufacturing facilities along with various sectors of the hospitality industry, are at significant risk for highly compromised air quality.

Compromised air quality in manufacturing facilities can expose workers to life-threatening symptoms such as chronic fatigue, persistent lethargy, and exacerbation of respiratory illnesses.

By installing SteriSpace air sterilization technology in these work environments, air quality is restored to optimal levels while reducing heating costs during cold winter months. Protecting workers has never been more paramount, and SteriSpace offers the technology to do so.

SteriSpace Air Sterilization in Manufacturing

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SteriSpace is great for a workplace conference room or an entire manufacturing floor. Protect your employees to the fullest to ensure peak performance.

Industrial & Commercial Applications for SteriSpace

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Business Offices

Keeping the Office Safe & Productive with Enhanced Air Sterilization

Offices are frequent hot spots for the spread of airborne infections. This can be due to outdated, infrequently maintained ventilation systems, and being forced to interact in close proximity with co-workers for prolonged periods. Social distancing have proven effective to keep individuals safe, but due to the amount of time employees spend at work, they risk encountering harmful airborne containments. Respiratory aerosols can especially travel from room-to-room, remain airborne for extended periods of time, and travel long distances.

SteriSpace Air Sterilization Technology provides a state-of-the-art indoor air treatment solution. SteriSpace completely inactivates airborne biological pathogens. Our technology can be a stand-alone unit for a room or integrated into a building’s air handling system. Customize SteriSpace for different configurations for specific needs.

SteriSpace can also significantly improve air quality by increasing the turnover of air volume. This air handling process not only ensures that airborne viruses and bacteria are removed from the air, but also reduces the recirculation of biological contaminant in the air of shared office spaces.

air Treatment for Commercial offices
Air Purification for Restaurants
Banquet hall air filtration - Banquet Facility Air purification

SteriSpace for Hospitality

Helping Your Patrons & Employees Breathe Easier


If you’re in the restaurant business, you know how critically important cleanliness can be to your long-term success.

Food preparation areas, dining tables and chairs, floors, and restrooms are always demanding to be cleaned and sanitized in the restaurant business. However, one aspect that can sometimes be overlooked is managing the air quality in restaurants. By using SteriSpace as a stand-alone unit or integrating it into your current HVAC system, you can dramatically enhance your facility’s indoor air quality, which will contribute to the health and well-being of restaurant patrons and employees.

Banquet Facilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that despite getting vaccinated and wearing a mask, large indoor gatherings still pose the risk of airborne infection transmission. SteriSpace is capable of providing event venues with sterilized air technology, allowing attendees to safely enjoy in-person events with the confidence of breathing purified air.

At a time when we are all conscious about the air we breathe, but equally eager to enjoy some of the luxuries of pre-pandemic life, SteriSpace air sterilization technology can help create conditions where we can all breathe easier.

SteriSpace for Pharmaceuticals

The Air Quality in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is Crucial for Product Quality & Compliance with an optional catalyst

SteriSpace technology is capable of removing select VOCs in manufacturing plants, as well as any airborne biological contaminants from the airflow. This is critical to minimizing waste and ensuring quality in the production of pharmaceutical products. Reduction in the concentration of airborne fumes may be needed to maintain compliance with air quality requirements per OSHA regulations. Pure air makes a difference in the quality of the product and the quality of the workspace.

Potential Uses

Pharmaceutical Air Treatment - Air Filter for pharma industry
Chemical Manufacturing Air Treatment

SteriSpace for Manufacturing

Gasses & Solvents Release Harmful Fumes into the Air, Placing Workers at Risk with an optional catalyst

Using the SteriSpace technology in these manufacturing areas could help mitigate this risk, while providing a way to safely remediate contaminated air. Moreover, the discharge temperature produced by the unit can be redirected to the interior space to defray heating costs in the cold winter months.

Potential Uses

SteriSpace for Agriculture

Improved Air Quality Improves Quality of Life

SteriSpace provides an innovative solution to minimize worker exposure to biocide vapors and airborne microorganisms. Farm buildings equipped with SteriSpace will be able to combat the dangerous health risks from airborne pollutants and the spread of infectious diseases, while helping to maintain acceptable air quality in and around the facility. Using SteriSpace technology with an optional catalyst can profoundly reduce the concentration of gaseous organic contaminants such as ammonia in the indoor air, reducing its burden on workers, reducing its effects on the environment, and improving relations with the community surrounding the farm.

Potential Uses

Agriculture Air System - Air Sterilization for Grow Houses

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