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Biosafety & Security

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What is Biosafety & why is it important?

In the past three decades, more than forty infectious diseases have emerged. This is why Biosecurity is of vital importance

Biosafety and Security are responsible for preventing risks to health and the environment from exposure to biological agents that cause disease.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), “Biosafety is a strategic and integrated approach to analyzing and managing relevant risks to human, animal and plant life and health and associated risks for the environment. It is based on recognition of the critical linkages between sectors and the potential for hazards to move within and between sectors, with system-wide consequences”.

Important BioSecurity concepts for minimizing biological contamination

Biological Hazard

The potential risk of uncontrolled exposure to biological agents that cause disease.


Measures taken to reduce the risk of loss, theft, misuse, or intentional release of pathogens & toxins.


Measures used to prevent infectious diseases from leaking from research centers or other places where they may be produced.

Strengthen your preparedness for Biological Warfare & Terrorism with SteriSpace

Protect against the deliberate use of disease-causing biological agents such as bacteria, virus’, rickettsiae, & fungi, or their toxins

Compared to currently available methods, SteriSpace removes airborne contaminants faster and more efficiently, while simultaneously ensuring the uniform treatment of removed air for all-encompassing air sterilization.

SteriSpace provides a turn-key approach to eradicate biological threats. Installation of SteriSpace Air Sterilization Technology provides security in your air treatment from biothreats. This process is proven to be 99.9999% effective at destroying all biological agents. 

SteriSpace is a novel engineered device that has been developed to kill airborne biological contaminants. It uses compressive heating of a continuous airflow to destroy bacterial spores, vegetative bacteria, and viruses. SteriSpace is redefining what it means to breathe pure, clean, sterile air

Researchers have conducted simulations to demonstrate SteriSpace’s extraordinary capabilities when it comes to air sterilization. By using computational fluid dynamics or CFD, researchers are able to predict airflow patterns within a designated space in order to determine how pathogens will exit the room through return air ducts. With SteriSpace linked to an Airborne Infection Isolation Room, pathogens were effectively eradicated. 

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Achieve Air Sterilization in BioSafety & Security Quicker

In addition to the loss of life, epidemics & pandemics disrupt our economy Along With the entire health system

Widespread outbreaks reduce access to health services for all diseases and conditions, which often leads to even greater mortality and further economic depression.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it very apparent that the quality of our indoor air is very important. In addition to social distancing and wearing masks, air circulation and sterilization make it possible for establishments such as restaurants, workplaces, government sectors, schools, and more, to operate without exposing people to biological hazards.

Not all methods of air treatment are equal.  SteriSpace not only removes more biological contaminants than other systems but also can achieve sterilization at a faster rate.


How Can SteriSpace Work For You?