The SteriSpace™ technology is the most effective way to sterilize the air, providing next-level air sterilization for a variety of applications. SteriSpace™ units can range in size to treat air in spaces from hundreds to thousands of square feet.

The technology can eliminate biological and chemical contaminants from any size room or area by compressive heating of large volume air flows. Testing by the U.S. Department of Defense and other independent agencies conclude that the SteriSpace™ technology doesn’t merely capture contaminants but provides a 99.9999% reduction of hardy biological contaminants including: viruses, vegetative bacteria and bacterial spores. Adding an optional chemical catalyst to the SteriSpace™ system can further eliminate select chemical compounds, environmental pollutants, and organic particles, including: nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), ammonia and toluene. The addition of a particle filter allows removal of fine (PM10) and ultra-fine (PM 2.5) particulate matter as well.

The units can be integrated into an air handling system (HVAC) or be placed as a standalone unit with ducting directed to the space.



SteriSpace’s technology can be used to protect patients in hospital, home or room environments from airborne viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

Additionally, the SteriSpace technology can also eliminate a variety of chemical contaminants, providing a safer environment for patients and staff.


The SteriSpace™ technology was extensively tested by the U.S. Department of Defense to provide protection from biological warfare agents for the military, homeland security personnel, remote health centers, and their support teams.

Moreover, with an integrated catalyst, the SteriSpace™ technology can eliminate environmental pollutants, VOCs and select industrial chemicals.

Emergency Shelters

When trying to stop the spread of a highly contagious infection, in the case of a natural disaster, a clean, safely-ventilated emergency shelter can make a significant difference.

The SteriSpace™ technology can be applied to isolation units, temporary housing, emergency shelters, and more. Disasters are often compounded by spontaneous outbreaks of disease.



The quality of the air we breathe during daily travel plays a huge role in our short- and long-term wellbeing and quality of life. The air in the cabin space shared by commuters can lead to airborne disease transmission and pollution exposure.


Industrial and manufacturing processes can create high levels of gaseous and particulate waste. As a result, air quality is a frequent concern of management, unions, workers, and ownership. Many manufacturing processes involve the use of gasses and/or solvents that release harmful fumes into the air, placing workers at risk for respiratory problems.


The SteriSpace technology can protect people and animals from airborne contamination. Contaminated air within a building can be purified, and then recirculated back into the building, or released out of the building. To conserve heat during cold seasons, recirculating the treated air is advised.


In pharmaceutical production, air quality is a crucial factor in determining product quality and compliance with good manufacturing practices (cGMP). The SteriSpace™ technology can remove VOCs from a work area where solvents are used as part of the manufacturing process, as well as any biological matter from the airflow.