SteriSpace and Eureka! Unveil GETTS Shelter System At CBRNe Convergence Canada

GETTS SteriSpace and Eureka!

Eureka! and SteriSpace® will be co-exhibitors at the annual event for military and civilians, scientists, and first responders, to introduce a turnkey shelter system that combines the fastest tent set-up and strike cycles in the industry with the only air sterilization technology on the market. The turnkey solution delivers next-level air sterilization to any rapid deployment environment.

Augmenting HEPA with SteriSpace Air Sterilization Technology

Augmenting HEPA Filters

Augmenting HEPA with SteriSpace Air Sterilization Technology Facebook Link Youtube Linkedin Envelope Augmenting HEPA Air Filtration High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters have long been the standard for air purification methods. With 99.97% efficacy in removing airborne particles, it’s no wonder consumers and industries alike see HEPA filters as safe and reliable. However, the drawbacks of […]