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SteriSpace & the ALA Fight Lung Cancer Together

YFS Companies Become a Local Sponsor at the LUNG FORCE Walk in Buffalo, NY. Brought to us by the American Lung Association

August 20, 2021
Contact: Danny Forcucci
716-204-7125 ext. 1005

The American Lung Association is holding their LUNG FORCE Walk again this year! After a brief hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic, the walk takes place on September 11, 2021, at Buffalo Harbor State Park. This year is special in another way as well. Two companies under the You First Services Inc. umbrella are sponsoring this event, SteriSpace and Lubricity will be at the same table this year to show our support in the fight against lung cancer and pulmonary disease.

SteriSpace has joined the fight to increase awareness of the importance of indoor air quality and its effect on maintaining healthy lungs. Currently, SteriSpace is the only device of its kind that can sterilize the air to a kill rate of 99.9999%, or a -6-log kill. Our SteriSpace Air Sterilization technology is a perfect start to creating a world where everyone can breathe easier.

Lubricity has also joined to bring awareness to certain side effects caused by cancer chemotherapy, in particular, dry mouth. Lubricity can relieve your dry mouth in patients for up to 4 hours. Lubricity is a simple five-ingredient formulation: water, sodium hyaluronate, xylitol, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate.

If you’re interested in being involved, we encourage you to visit our SteriSpace LUNG FORCE Walk YFS Team Page to register or make a donation to be part of the cure.

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