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ICYMI: "We Need to Improve Indoor Air Quality: Here’s How and Why" (Scientific American)

"Building designers and managers should be striving for something better than merely 'acceptable.' These standards are 'well below' what is needed to protect against COVID, influenza and other infectious diseases."

Did you miss this? In a recent article by Scientific American, they discuss the need for buildings to invest in ventilation and filtration upgrades to improve air quality and decrease COVID transmission. 

"Changing air quality standards takes time. Meanwhile some steps can be taken immediately to improve the air we breathe indoors. These steps involve strengthening four main pillars of indoor air quality: source control, ventilation, filtration and disinfection."

The “four pillars” include bringing in additional outside air, upgrading current HVAC systems to include HEPA filtration, and attempting to inactive viruses using ultraviolet light. While these methods are steps in the right direction to address improving air quality, each comes with a set of well-known drawbacks. This can range from concerns of overall efficacy, or in the case of ultraviolet light, posing serious issues of safety to people. 

The article makes the case that we need to improve air quality standards, but it also recognizes each available air quality solution is flawed to some degree. For this reason, the article unintentionally makes a strong case for why it’s vital to explore and invest in new air improvement technologies. Indoor air quality is more important today than ever before, this means we should be encouraging building designers to explore safe and effective air quality improvements rather than falling back on outdated standards like HEPA filtration or UVGI. 

Building owners take air quality seriously, and so does SteriSpace. SteriSpace is the only true air sterilization technology on the market, offering unmatched effectiveness against airborne contaminates with none of the drawbacks of other technologies.

Reach out to one of our air sterilization specialists to see how upgrading to SteriSpace can help keep the people in your building healthy & safe.

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