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How To Still Protect Students If Schools Outlaw Masks

Is your state at a crossroads when it comes to masking students in schools?

Ready or not, the new school year is almost here. Normally, this revelation alone is enough to reawaken some of our deepest seasonal anxieties, but once again, as students and teachers prepare to reenter the classroom, the ongoing pandemic adds an extra dash of uncertainty to the mix.  

To make matters worse, in certain parts of the country, debates still rage over whether schools will be able to enforce mask mandates amid rising COVID-19 concerns. In states that include Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Utah, and Tennessee, governors are opting to dismiss guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which recommends universal mask wearing for students and teachers.    

With so many younger students still ineligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, these clashes between school officials and state leadership are leaving many parents feeling uneasy about sending their children back to in-person learning.  

If Not a Mask, Then What?

Let’s be clear, schools electing to outlaw mask mandates removes one of the few proven safeguards available to impede the spread of airborne infections. While this may alarm many, there is still hope for a safe school year! 

Thanks to new air purification technologies, with the ability to kill airborne viruses, students and staff can finally breathe a well-earned sigh of relief, with or without a mask.

A New First Line of Defense Against the Spread of Airborne Threats


SteriSpace Air Sterilization is a first-of-its-kind device that destroys 99.9999% of bacteria and airborne viruses similar to COVID-19. 

Imagine the benefits of installing a SteriSpace into your school’s nurse’s office – or better yet – having the ability to sterilize larger rooms, like a cafeteria, where students commonly remove their masks to eat and socialize. By installing our innovative technology in your school, students and staff finally won’t feel like they’re rolling the dice on their health and well-being every time they remove their masks indoors.  

SteriSpace sterilizes the air by safely removing airborne biological threats, all without creating dangerous byproducts. Compare this to alternative air cleaning devices (like bipolar ionization) that let off CO2 and harmful ozone emissions. These byproducts are especially dangerous for students, as prolonged CO2 exposure can negatively affect cognitive function and brain development.  

If your school has concerns about its air quality, we urge you to contact us to set up a meeting with one of our knowledgeable air quality specialists to see how SteriSpace can help keep your school’s students and staff safe this school year!  

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