Breaking news: The WHO now states that exhaled pathogens remain suspended in air contrary to the belief that pathogens were transmitted through droplets... The answer is SteriSpace®

Isolation Units for Nursing Homes

By Hope Dunkleman, You First Services, Inc.

Nursing Home

Nursing Homes are one of the best places for your elderly loved ones. They promote socializing with other residents, have activities to consistent meals, and healthcare on-site just to name a few highlights from senior living. Everything that your loved ones need in your absence is provided 

But what are they circulating that isn’t mentioned on the tour or the brochure? Infections and illnesses are on the top of the list. Nursing home staff are invaluable and unparalleled in the care of your loved ones. However, what if we told you there was a technology available to improve indoor air quality that would help not only nursing home residents but all hospital/ long-term stay patients during disease outbreaks and mitigate the transmission of airborne diseases? 

Air Sterilization Technology from SteriSpace

SteriSpace Air Sterilization Technology is the newest in air cleaning advancements. HEPA, the industry-leading standard, is 99.97% effective at trapping pathogens to clean the air around us. SteriSpace’s technology is superior. Not only is it 99.9999% effective which is more effective than HEPA. It destroys the pathogens rather than just trapping them using a patented compressive heating process.

Nursing Homes are a Breeding Ground for Infections & Illnesses

If there is an infection or disease outbreak within the nursing home facility, there is a higher chance for transmission of the illness from resident to resident.

More nursing homes, assisted living, and senior care facilities are increasing admissions of patients who need continued care or those with progressive disease and unable to be admitted to hospitals. With this being the case, it’s leaving current residents who are susceptible to illness on the front lines living with these new residents.

How Do We Protect Our Loved Ones?

Nursing home patients are commonly immunocompromised and prone to disease states during outbreaks of illness or infection. While the age of the residents is hindering their chances of fighting off illness, residents are crowded into facilities to make sure that there is always maximum occupancy is met. More patients per room mean less space for distancing healthy residents from the sick ones. While residents can isolate themselves in their own rooms, this has been shown to result in diminished cognitive health and increased memory loss in some residents too.

By adding a SteriSpace Isolation unit to a nursing home you are ensuring safety back into the hearts of patients’ loved ones. SteriSpace ensures infection containment by preventing the recirculation of any “sick” air back into the airflow by maintaining a negative pressure room. The healthy patients that are not in the unit would be safe and free to go about their daily activities.

Start Sterilization of Your Nursing Home Facility

Have any questions about how SteriSpace can integrate with your nursing home facility? Please reach out to our Air Sterilization Specialists and schedule a meeting virtually or in person. We’d be happy to handle any concerns that you may have. Let’s get started on an Air Sterilization Journey with SteriSpace

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