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Lung Health: The Dangers of Vaping

Written by Hope Dunkleman, You First Services, Inc.

Lung Health: The Dangers of Vaping ​

More than just being a chilly reminder that the year is quickly winding to a close, the month of October brings with it many noteworthy dates intended to bring awareness to a variety of important causes.   Lung Health Day (October 27) is one date in particular, created to promote healthy life practices for your lungs. This could be anything from taking the bus for the day, changing the type of cleaners that you use, all the way to changing if you’re a smoker.  Smoking is one of the worst things that humans can do to their lungs. Cigarettes have over 7,000 chemicals in them, most of them toxic. One of the easiest ways that people have had luck quitting smoking is through vaping.   But just how safe is vaping? On the surface, vaping appears to carry fewer dangers, but does that make vaping a truly safer alternative to cigarettes?  

 What Does Vaping Do To My Body? 

1.) As of January 21, 2020, the CDC has confirmed 60 deaths in patients with an e-cigarette or vaping, product use associated with lung injury. The culprit? The CDC experts have identified vitamin E acetate that is causing these vaping-related injuries. The acetate is often found in the black market and THC vape pens/cartridges. 

2.) Vaping is just as addictive, if not more addictive, than normal cigarettes. The nicotine in e-cigarettes can be increased to have a higher content than a normal tobacco cigarette. The devices have a way of increasing the voltage to increase the strength of the hit from the vape. 

3.) Short-term effects could be bronchitis and pneumonia. Both respiratory illnesses can lead to more harmful effects.  Some vaping products have led to seizures, but this is in rare cases. 

4.) Long Term Risks to vaping could be lung cancer or other respiratory types of cancers; esophageal, larynx, stomach, mouth, etc.  

5.) In women, vaping during pregnancy can lead to birth defects and low birth weight.

6.) Vaping is something that is becoming more and more popular in schools. Nicotine in a developing brain can lead to reduced impulse control and mood disorders in young adults. The nicotine is “attacking” the prefrontal cortex in the developing brain. The decision-making, planning, and judging part of the brain is affecting children as young as 13 in some schools.  

SteriSpace and Lung Health

We often take the health of our lungs for granted. Mostly because breathing is an involuntary bodily function. What you’re inhaling through vapes or cigarettes is filled with additives and chemicals. Even for non-smokers/vapers, the air we breathe has pathogens, germs, particulate matter, and more than just oxygen.  

For this reason, this past year, SteriSpace worked locally American Lung Association in Western New York, to increase awareness of the importance of lung health.  

For patients that are battling lung diseases like lung cancer, bronchitis, and COVID-19, SteriSpace is a perfect preventative! SteriSpace supports lung Infected air isn’t back into circulation eliminating the threat of transmission by 99.9999%. Current industry standards of HEPA are only 99.97% effective at only trapping pathogens while being defenseless against bacterial spores. 

SteriSpace Air Sterilization technology destroys 99.9999% of airborne pathogens and bacterial spores. We don’t just trap viruses and bacteria like other air purification methods. With our compressive heating technology, SteriSpace destroys pathogens; not giving them the chance to be reintroduced back into the airflow of the room.  

Whether it’s quitting smoking, riding public transit, or scheduling a meeting with a SteriSpace representative, do your part this Lung Health Day. 

For more information on SteriSpace please contact us and schedule a meeting with an Air Sterilization Specialist. 

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