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Environmental Benefits of SteriSpace

What By-Products Are You Breathing In? Are they Safe For The Environment?

Environmental Benefits of SteriSpace

(BUFFALO, NY) – Since the Clean Air Act of 1970, there has been a concerted effort to reduce levels of harmful pollutants in the air which includes ozone, lead, CO2, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. While these pollutants can be harmful to our atmosphere and environment, they pose a more immediate threat to the air quality inside our homes, schools, and businesses. With SteriSpace Air Sterilization technology in your facility, we can assure you are breathing the cleanest air possible. All this while preventing people in your building from being exposed to potentially dangerous byproducts of alternative air purification technologies, including bipolar ionization or UVC lights. SteriSpace integrates with your current HVAC system to ensure sterilized air is continuously flowing into your room. The SteriSpace compressive heating technology is state-of-the-art, working to destroy 99.9999% of airborne biological pathogens that include viruses and bacteria.

Environmental Hazards of SteriSpace Alternative Technology

UVC Disinfector

    1. Alongside HEPA filtration, UVC disinfection is now commonly used to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

      Depending on the virus type and where the air is being circulated, there is also the risk of the virus repairing itself in a process of photoreactivation or “dark repair.” This happens when there is an absence of light. The organism or virus isn’t fully destroyed and the lack of UV light, or any light, gives it time to repair itself before being reintroduced to the UV-light-exposed air.

Environmental Benefits to STeriSpace Air sterilization Technology

Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar ionization is a new technology that has emerged with the pandemic. Bipolar ionization is associated with the build-up of harmful levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). Increased levels of CO2 are strongly associated with potential cognitive impairment, especially in growing children.

These devices can also have byproducts of ethanol and acetone, found in paint strippers, and toluene. UVC results in the return of harmful VOCs back into indoor air, which further contaminates it.

Currently, there is a class action lawsuit adding plaintiffs that bought needlepoint bipolar ionization devices from the company Global Plasma Solutions. Learn more about this lawsuit and the lack of capabilities of bipolar ionization.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters

HEPA filters must be changed consistently. Some experts say that HEPA filters should be changed bi-weekly during a pandemic or epidemic to ensure the highest quality filtration. This process can also be dangerous, requiring technicians to suit up to protect themselves from potentially being exposed to harmful pathogens reintroduced back into indoor air by a disposed of filter.

A typical HEPA filter is made with woven fibers, most commonly polyester or fiberglass, which are not recyclable. For this reason, filters must be thrown away after each use, contributing to environmental pollution.

Further, clean air can lead to an abundance of environmental benefits. The soil becomes more nutrient-dense, leading to a greater crop harvest for farmers and thus boosting local and federal economies.

The Purest Air. Anywhere.

SteriSpace is the only true air sterilization technology available today! Our mission is to improve air quality and the quality of life for our customers. Get in touch with one of our air sterilization specialists today to see how you can breathe sterilized air as soon as possible.

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