SteriSpace® & Eureka!
Unveil New Turnkey Shelter System

Reveal of Shelter System with Air Sterilization Tech at CBRNe Convergence 2022

SteriSpace & Eureka! Unveil GETTS System

At this month’s CBRNe Convergence Canada event in Ottawa, co-exhibitors SteriSpace & Eureka! Military Tents debuted the new GETTS (Generator ECU Trailer Tent Sterilization) Turnkey Shelter System!

The cutting-edge Shelter System allows for some of the fastest setups and strike cycle times available. Built with SteriSpace’s tremendous air sterilization capabilities, this turnkey solution provides 360° protection, even in the most volatile conditions.

In addition to the official unveiling of the highly anticipated GETTS system, CBRNe Convergence Canada was an excellent opportunity to connect with other bright minds in the CBRN industry. With over 40 exhibitors and 25 guest speakers, the two-day conference lent unique insights into the world of CBRNe defense.

SteriSpace and Eureka! Military Tents are proud to contribute groundbreaking technology to advance more progressive approaches to protecting the armed forces!

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