Breaking news: The WHO now states that exhaled pathogens remain suspended in air contrary to the belief that pathogens were transmitted through droplets... The answer is SteriSpace®

Why The clean air challenge needs to include air sterilization

Why Should the Clean Air Challenge Include Sterilized Air?

The White House has recently elevated clean air in buildings as a top priority in the fight against COVID-19. This comes after heeding expert guidance on the link between COVID-19 transmission and indoor air quality. As a result, the Biden administration is urging building owners and operators to improve ventilation in buildings with upgrades to HVAC and air filtration systems.

But are these measures alone enough to combat the spread of such an unpredictable virus?

New air sterilization technology on the market offers comprehensive air treatment that overcomes the drawbacks of traditional HVAC and air filtration systems. By using an innovative compressive heating technology, SteriSpace® eliminates 99.9999% of airborne contaminants as opposed to merely capturing them.

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