Breaking news: The WHO now states that exhaled pathogens remain suspended in air contrary to the belief that pathogens were transmitted through droplets... The answer is SteriSpace®

Tuberculosis Isolation Rooms

Tuberculosis Patient Isolation

SteriSpace Air Sterilization is the new gold standard in air quality control, especially in Tuberculosis isolation situations. To learn more on STeriSpace go to

SteriSpace in Hospital Isolation Rooms

Hospital Isolation Rooms

SteriSpace Air Sterilization is the new gold standard in air quality control, especially in hospitals and healthcare facilities where the risk of infectious airborne transmission is high. Learn more about Hospital Isolation Rooms

Vaxxed and Still Masked?

vaxxed and masked

Masks, social distancing, washing our hands, not going into crowded areas or events, even going as far as wiping down groceries before putting them away, are all adequate solutions to fight covid; however, this is an airborne virus. Have you ever thought about starting at the source? Sterilizing the air around you to ensure a safe environment?

FACT OR FICTION? Can HVAC Systems Spread the Covid-19 Virus?


According to guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is important to make multiple improvements to building ventilation to reduce the spread of disease and lower the risk of exposure. In addition to these improvements, physical distancing, wearing face masks, hand hygiene and vaccination should be considered contributing factors in stopping the spread. It is important we separate fact from fiction when understanding how the virus spreads related to HVAC systems and the measures we can take to avoid infection.

FACT OR FICTION? Airborne Transmission of COVID-19

Airborne Transmission of COVID-19

What we know about how COVID-19 spreads is constantly developing, and as a result, public health guidance will continue to evolve. In the meantime, it is important to follow valid resources that include the World Health Organization and the CDC when researching COVID-19.

How SteriSpace Can Help Control The Spread of SARS/COV2

SteriSpace Can Protect Against SARS/COV2

Our technology is much more effective than air filters as it actually kills airborne pathogens through a patented process of high-heat compression. SteriSpace™ can be utilized in hospitals, waiting rooms, isolation rooms, NICUs, public transportation, and any enclosed facility where airborne viruses are a concern.

Containing Viruses in a Pandemic-Prone World

Pandemic Prone World

Here at SteriSpace™ we do not know how to expedite vaccine development or stop travelers, but we do know how to kill viruses in the air we breathe. Clean air is our expertise. Our technology is one of the only technologies that can actually kill pathogens, rather than just filtering them.