Breaking news: The WHO now states that exhaled pathogens remain suspended in air contrary to the belief that pathogens were transmitted through droplets... The answer is SteriSpace®

Ashley White Presenting at
IAQA Meeting & Expo

Ph.D. Microbiology & Immunology

IAQA Meeting and Expo

IAQA LogoAshley N. White Ph.D.IAQA 2022 Annual Meeting & Expo, is an excellent opportunity to get exclusive access to top-notch networking and unparalleled technical education. Taking place on February 22-25 in Tucson, AZ, our SteriSpace Air Sterilization device has the distinct honor of being featured in a presentation given by our very own Dr. Ashley White.

Dr. White received her bachelor’s degree in Biology at SUNY Brockport and received her Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from SUNY University at Buffalo in the UB School of Medicine & Biomedical Studies.

Since joining You First Services Inc. as a Research Scientist, Dr. White has played a critical role in the continued growth of You First Services’ products SteriSpace and GloTran. Dr. White’s extensive background in Microbiology and Immunology will be on full display as she presents SteriSpace’s state-of-the-art Air Sterilization Technology to the IAQA conference attendees.

Reach out to one of our air sterilization specialists to learn more about the technology being discussed in Dr. White’s IAQA presentation or to schedule a meeting today!

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