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Military Shelters

What are Military Shelters?

The military tent and shelter market has had an industry boom and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. According to Market Insights, Inc., this market will be worth over 1 billion USD by 2027! 

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Outdoor Shelters
Air Sterilization

How SteriSpace Supports Outdoor Shelters

A protective shelter is only as effective as its ability to prevent potentially harmful airborne threats. For those who depend on these structures, containment is essential, but equally important is a shelter’s ability to eliminate possible contaminants that can lead to the transmission of disease.

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Bioterrorism Blog Header
Air Sterilization

How SteriSpace Prevents Bioterrorism

SteriSpace can even eliminate environmental pollutants, VOCs, and select industrial chemicals. When human lives are at stake, above all else, shelters need to have an answer for providing protection in the face of chemical or biological attacks. Because bio-threats can often be invisible, it is critical that shelters can sterilize the air in the event of a containment breach.

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